Friday, February 26, 2016

783. A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda
Directed by Charles Crichton

Cinema Paradiso, then Hotel Terminus, now A Fish Called Wanda.  This blog has been quite the roller coaster of emotions lately.  Next up, Naked Gun and Grave of Fireflies!

A group of criminals (each possessing varying degrees of intelligence) steal a large sum of diamonds.  Wanda and her idiotic boyfriend Otto betray George, the leader of the heist, and turn him in.  Unfortunately, George hid the diamonds before he became incarcerated.  Wanda devises a scheme to seduce George's lawyer and figure out where the diamonds are.  And really, who could resist Jamie Lee Curtis in the 80s?

I did not expect to enjoy this, as I thought it would basically be Lavender Hill Mob again, without the thrill of seeing Audrey Hepburn. However, this was a lot funnier than I expected.  Otto was a great character.  I feel like actors often overplay stupid characters, to the point where the person seems mentally retarded, which isn't the least bit funny.  Kevin Kline was perfect in this, though; in fact, everyone was.

A great film, and eighties comedies continue to impress.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

A Danish man laughed himself to death watching this film.  What a way to go.

John Cleese chose the name Archie Leach because it was the closest he would ever come to being Cary Grant.


  1. Pretty much with you on this.. several great moments.

  2. Great Acting, funny moments--I really liked this movie.