Tuesday, April 10, 2018

1049. Lincoln

Directed by Steven Spielberg

I was in a Steven Spielberg mood after checking out Ready Player One last week (don't judge; the book was fun). Anyway, despite my aversion to Daniel Day-Lewis, this was...decent.

The film only focuses on the last four months of Lincoln's life, zeroing in on his efforts to have the Thirteenth Amendment passed by the House of Representatives. So most of the film consists of old white guys with odd hairstyles yelling at each other. Ah, how politics have evolved.

Why were there so few exterior shots in this film? I began to feel claustrophobic, which might be the point? I am not sure why it would be the point, but I'll allow Spielberg the benefit of the doubt (I owe him that much). This is a dark and dreary movie and I was slightly disappointed by the aesthetics of it.

That being said, I did think the way they presented Lincoln was interesting. It was almost like he was a Christ figure, speaking in parables and becoming a martyr. We are in the age of disillusionment, and it's nice to still have some genuinely good guys to look up to. Of course, watching Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis ACT for two and a half hours became somewhat tiresome, but overall it was worth the watch.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Abraham Lincoln created the Secret Service on the day of his assassination.

During filming, the call sheet said "Abraham Lincoln" rather than Daniel Day-Lewis. Give me a break.