Friday, February 5, 2016

705. The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff
Directed by Philip Kaufman

I think this film was supposed to appeal to the child in all of us that wanted to be an astronaut.  Unfortunately, no such child has ever existed in me and this was an extremely dull way to spend 193 minutes.

The movie follows the lives of the test pilots and military pilots who were involved in Project Mercury. Honestly, it seems like it would be exhausting to go into more detail than that.  Suffice to say, it is one long history lesson.

You have some great actors in this, but there wasn't one character whose story particularly stood out to me.  I sound so heartless talking about this as though it's fiction.  Obviously, the real astronauts were incredibly brave.  It's my own fault; I have never taken to films about space.  Why do they always have to be so long?

I should also add that I wasn't alive for the space race and reminiscing probably adds to a lot of people's enjoyment of this film.  Just not my genre.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

A parachute stuntman died while filming the scene where Yeager is ejected from the aircraft.


  1. Yes, I think you would have had to be alive earlier--I guess I mean you would have to be older to truly enjoy this movie. I thought it was good stuff, but I AM older. :)

  2. So am I Diana, so am I - and I fear by a lot more than you are to Amanda. This was mostly a tad before even my time, but I'm old enough to have got up early to see Apollo 11 land .. only to find they's landed earl, well before K time, and I'd missed it!

  3. Oh that would be so disappointing! For some reason, I just can't stand space movies! I thought Interstellar was such a bore.

  4. Well, I'd agree a lot of 'space movies' are a bore .. I was bored with gravity, but this one I could take.
    And apologies for the typos in the above. Please correct notably badly typed section find they's landed earl, well before K time,' to read 'to find they had landed early, well before UK time,'