Tuesday, February 16, 2016

740. Hannah And Her Sisters

Hannah And Her Sisters
Directed by Woody Allen

It's a Woody Allen everyone, so prepare for some hardcore gushing.

The film follows two years in the lives of sisters Hannah, Lee, and Holly.  Hannah's husband Eliot falls for Lee, and the two begin an affair.  Hannah's ex husband Mickey, a hypochondriac writer (guess who plays this character?), finds himself attracted to Holly.  Not a lot of loyalty in this family.  I think if my sister dated any of my exes (or current significant others) my head would explode.

I have always preferred Woody Allen films that feature Diane Keaton, rather than the ones with Mia Farrow.  I like Keaton's screen presence more and prefer comedies with less morally repugnant characters.  Still, it's like choosing your favorite Cadbury chocolate bar.  There are no wrong answers; they are all perfection.  Can you tell I miss England?

Now all I can think of is Cadbury Oreo bars.  Why don't they make them here?  It doesn't make sense.  Oreos are American after all.  Anyway, great film, great cast, great dialogue.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Soon-Yi Previn appears as a guest in the Thanksgiving scenes.  Creep vibes.

Parts of the movie were filmed in Mia Farrow's actual apartment.

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