Sunday, February 14, 2016

731. The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth
Directed by Geoff Murphy

Recently I had to watch The Last Battle for this blog, which was a post apocalyptic film where everybody lost the ability to talk.  I hated it, not because it was silent, but because of the brutal treatment of women.  It's kind of my shtick to complain about it.  Anyway, I was wary of the genre because of this.  Still, this was a pleasant surprise and get this: no rape!  Can you imagine?  How did it even make it on The List?

Scientist Zac Hobson wakes up to discover that he is seemingly alone on Earth.  Apparently an experiment he was working on, "Project Flashlight," went a bit awry and eliminated the human race.  After wandering around for awhile, he begins to lose his mind.  He then discovers that he is not actually alone.

I would have never guessed that this was the same director that was behind Utu.  The movies just have
completely different feelings about them, The Quiet Earth being vastly superior.  It's such an atmospheric film, and the first half hour is absolutely brilliant.  The audience really feels Zac's isolation and desperation.  Unfortunately, we are then introduced to some other characters.  I suppose it was necessary for the story, but I really missed when it was just the audience and Zac Hobson.  I also thought the love triangle wasn't very compelling.  It was hard to be touched by romance when they were really just stuck with each other.  I am sure if I was the last woman on Earth, the two remaining men would fight over me too....right?

I will stop rambling now.  Definitely one of the better films of the genre.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

First science fiction movie ever made in New Zealand.


  1. This sounds fascinating, and it is now on my list. (I am not following THE LIST, but I love reading your blog!)