Wednesday, February 10, 2016

714. This is Spinal Tap

This is Spinal Tap
Directed by Rob Reiner

Previously on The List we had one of the first mockumentaries, Real Life.  I was impressed that it was the creator of the genre, but the humor didn't hold up particularly well.  This time the concept improved greatly and the film still managed to be funny thirty years later.

This fake documentary follows the faux band Spinal Tap during their concert tour.  The band must deal with low ticket sales, botched set designs, an endless succession of drummers, and other problems that exceedingly pretentious 80s rock bands face.

I am becoming more and more familiar with heavy metal as I continue to work my way through the 1001 album list.  Because of this, I was able to appreciate the parody a lot more than I would have five years ago.  Rob Reiner really nailed this and it was refreshing to see someone not take music so seriously.  I wish people would do that more (and subsequently not yell at me on my album blog as much).

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Many people initially believed that this was an actual documentary, including Ozzy Osbourne.


  1. I think Ozzy was just joking, wasn't he? A bit like when he pretends to be out of his head for the cameras on The Osbournes.

    Come the year 2043 when I eventually get so far through the list, there's a pretty strong chance that this film will produce my Best Quote Oscar for the decade. Probably at the record company party when they're all insisting that the album title Smell The Glove is ironic except a baffled Nigel Tuffnell standing by the side of the group who insists "No it's not, she should be MADE to smell the glove!"

    1. Well I don't think he still thinks it was real I think just at the beginning of the film. Haha that's a good one. The eighties are going to be tough for that. So many great comedies.

  2. Please get better Amanda, I cannot keep up with reading your posts, never mind replying to the ones I want to
    I adore this film funny, so accurate, so scathing ..

    See, I can like films made in the 80's .. Actually, I've been surprised how many over the last couple of weeks I do rate.

    1. It is getting kind of ridiculous isn't it? The scariest part is I am not even posting all the ones I am writing...yet. This is me spacing it out!

      I have been surprised by how many 80s movies I have liked too. It's a great decade for comedies.

  3. Is there any way to see a longer list of recent comments? If more than ten comments get added overnight then I'll never know.

  4. Excellent, thank you!

  5. Oh wow .. When I asked you a week or so back to give us back 10 instead of 5, I thought we had a result, but .. 15 is it? is brilliant. With you putting out so much these days, and Dessie joining me, and TS a frequent commentator, I too was aware we were missing some peoples comments. Thank you.