Thursday, February 11, 2016

716. Ghostbusters

Directed by Ivan Reitman

An all female reboot of this film will be released this summer and I am actually quite excited.  I know it could be terrible, but I do love Kristen Wiig so I have some faith.  Although I just googled the remake and the first forum I found about it was titled "Why The Remake of the Ghostbusters Will Suck."  So perhaps I am alone in my optimism.

A group of parapsychologists make their living by capturing ghosts in New York City.  One of their clients is the lovely Dana Barrett, whose apartment is haunted by the demi god Zuul.  Thankfully, that provides the dose of sexual tension that I like to have in all my movies.

That was a pretty shitty summary, but I wasn't sure how much would count as spoilers.  There are times when this film crosses over to "children's humor" territory (like when they show the actual ghosts), but most of the movie is quite entertaining.  I definitely enjoyed the scenes without any supernatural phenomena more, although I suppose that is quite a stupid criticism and kind of defeats the purpose.

I have never seen any of the sequels; would anyone recommend them?

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Most of Bill Murray's lines were ad-libbed.

Eddie Murphy chose to appear in Beverly Hills Cop rather than this film.

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