Wednesday, February 17, 2016

747. A Room With A View

A Room With A View
Directed by James Ivory

I am not sure if any of my 1001 book followers read my movie reviews, but if you are out there you know that stuffy English romance novels are sort of my jam.  Also if you are out there, I apologize for not updating in so long; I am currently reading A Dance To The Music of Time and it has taken over my entire life.  Anyway, I am surprised I didn't like this more since I am usually such a fan of this kind of romance.  Maybe it is a genre that comes across better in print.

Lucy Honeychurch is visiting Italy with her spinster chaperone Charlotte Bartlett.  They meet George Emerson, a sexy English intellectual.  Charlotte considers George to be a "rake," and does not approve of any relationship between George and Lucy, despite the fact that they are falling for each other.   Things come to a head when Charlotte sees Lucy and George kissing.  After all, everyone knows that when a man kisses you, you are supposed to slap and say "The impudence!"

The repression and prissiness of the Victorian era is cleverly mocked often, but I credit Forster more for that than the filmmakers.  In fact, I felt like the filmmakers decided to portray this novel in the blandest way possible.  They even make the big kiss dull, as it was supposed to be in a field of violets, not barley.  Also, I am sure no one is with me on this one, but Daniel Day Lewis always got on my nerves.

I think the story is worth your time, but perhaps is better explored with the novel.  I still had fun with it, which is more than I can say for some of the other entries.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Helena Bonham Carter's first film.


  1. I am with you, and I will add that Daniel Day Lewis ALWAYS gets on my nerves whatever the movie.

  2. I do quite like this one.. and I'd argue that the character(s) of Cecil Vyse / Bill the Butcher / Daniel Plainview / Christy Brown, and (dare I say Lincoln(?) are the annoyance factor rather than the actor.