Monday, February 22, 2016

764. Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam
Directed by Barry Levinson

So far I have skillfully dodged Robin Williams movies where he is at his most Robin Williams-y (i.e. Mrs. Doubtfire) and have only seen him in decent films like Good Will Hunting and Aladdin (if that counts).  Unfortunately, after I saw this, my innocence was gone.

Adrian Cronauer is a DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Service in Saignon during the Vietnam War.  His attitude pisses off his superiors.  Basically, the whole film is Robin Williams being better than everyone else and Sergeant Dickerson not being able to stand it.

So I knew going into this that the broadcasts were going to be almost unbearable, as it would just be uninterrupted improv.  My worst nightmare.  I had hoped that the rest of the scenes would be better, but no such luck.  We were supposed to think Adrian was just the most likable, rebellious man in the world.  For example, when Cronauer is taken off the air, another man takes his place.  This man isn't funny and will only play polka music.  Are we really expected to believe that if Adrian didn't exist, no one else would ever tell a joke or play decent music?

If it was a true story, it would be a bit more interesting, but the real Adrian Cronauer said the film is only 45% accurate.  It just seemed over the top and ridiculous to me.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

All of Adrian's broadcasts were ad-libbed by Robin Williams.

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