Friday, February 19, 2016

755. Sherman's March

Sherman's March
Directed by Ross McElwee

If I had actually had to watch a documentary on General Sherman's march that was over two hours, I think I would be in tears right now.  Luckily it was not at all like that, so I don't have to throw a hissy fit.

Ross McElwee had the intention of making the boring historical documentary of my nightmares.  Instead, it turned into a chronicle of his relationships with women.  I think I would have a similar experience as I have a habit of coloring narratives with my own experience.  In fact, I would have the camera in my hands for five minutes before I was inserting myself and interviewing ex boyfriends, demanding answers.  See this review for an example of that compulsion.

Anyway, I loved this type of filmmaking, although I have now seen so many found footage horror movies that I kept expecting everyone to get murdered.  McElwee really was great in this, hopeless in a lot of respects but still likable.

Definitely a unique movie that deserves its place on The List.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

The film cost $75,000 to make.

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