Thursday, February 18, 2016

753. Salvador

Directed by Oliver Stone

Having just reviewed Platoon I pretty much have the same criticisms for this film, although at least this story is a bit more unique.  On the other hand, it also has James Woods.  It's a real toss up as to which one I hated more.

Photojournalist Richard Boyle is a cocky alcoholic.  He decides to takes some photos in El Salvador, hoping to capitalize on the political turmoil while enjoying some booze and drugs.  Of course, the conflict doesn't turn out to be the barrel of laughs that he was expecting.  Things are further complicated when he falls for a Salvadoran woman and must get her out the of the country.

So the rape scene was obviously very gruesome.  It's like one of those chalkboards that record how many days there have been since an accident.  I am going to go replace the four with a zero on my "movies watched without a rape scene" chalkboard (our last one being Platoon, although I suppose the rape was prevented).  The whole movie is very disturbing, which I suppose was its goal.  The "wake up America" message was quite heavy handed, but I guess it was effective as well.  I did get the sense that there were times when Stone was trying to get us to laugh, which seemed wildly out of place.

Not a film that I would recommend and I am quite relieved we are done with this director.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

James Woods improvised the scene where his character takes confession.

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