Friday, January 29, 2016

689. Gandhi

Directed by Richard Attenborough

I had to watch this film in a high school history class.  I usually find biopics to be quite boring, but this is an exception as Gandhi is one of the most incredible human beings to have ever lived.  Certainly worthier of a film than Jake La Motta.

The movie starts with his assassination and then tells the story of Gandhi's adult life, from when he helped achieve rights for Indians in South Africa to his hunger strike.  I know I often complain about method actors like Al Pacino and...well, basically only Al Pacino.  But I didn't sense of the desperate actor coming out of Ben Kingsley.  He simply was Gandhi and it was incredible to watch.

Okay, yes it is a little long.  Actually, it is super long and with great length, comes some inevitable dullness.  A few parts of this movie dragged, but really I can't point to a specific section as unworthy of being in the film.  An enriching experience nonetheless.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

The Indian government provided one third of the funding needed to make this film.

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