Saturday, January 16, 2016

654. The Jerk

The Jerk
Directed by Carl Reiner

I realize I am a huge buzzkill for always panning comedies.  I have decided to embrace my status and will continue to ruin everybody's fun.

Navin Johnson is the adopted son of an African American family and doesn't realize he isn't black.  Ha.  Why are so many of these comedies intent on laughing at an extremely stupid person?  I am hesitant to bring up Jerry Lewis again, as that offended readers before (rightfully so).  But am I allowed to for this film?

I didn't even get to the main plot before I started ridiculing this film.  I think I will stop there since there isn't too much to say about this.  If you laughed, great.  We need more laughter in this world!  If you didn't, you can join me for tea at Buzzkillington Manor.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Stanley Kubrick was a huge fan of this film.


  1. More strong agreement .. It's crap.

  2. I saw this filma t the theatre when it came out. I thought it was hilarious, but it may have been because my sister and I had visited the bar for awhile before seeing it. Ahem.

    1. I am often disappointed when I revisit comedies I used to think were funny. I used to think Zoolander was funny then I watched it again and was like "what was I thinking?"