Saturday, January 16, 2016

659. Ordinary People

Ordinary People
Directed by Robert Redford

Welcome to the 1980s everybody!  We usually start off a bit roughly, but this time we kick off with a Best Picture winner.  I disagree with the Academy about a lot, but I have absolutely no problem with Raging Bull being upstaged.  But mostly because I hate Raging Bull.

The Jarrets are a middle class family trying to recover from the accidental death of their eldest son and the attempted suicide of the surviving one.  Mary Tyler Moore is a cold bitch, while Donald Sutherland and Timothy Hutton try to heal.

I have written quite a few posts today and have just taken my nightly painkillers so I already feel myself slowing down.  Let's keep this short!  Mary Tyler Moore is absolutely fantastic in this role.  Was anybody else freaked out by her?  I don't think the goal was to scare us but she gave me chills.  I love films that are mostly dialogue and every line in this movie was genuine and emotionally real.  Down with Raging Bull!

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Mary Tyler Moore's son died accidentally the same year this film was made.


  1. I agree with you about Mary Tyler Moore's performance. She was perfection and nailed this role. I don't ever want to watch it again though because she reminded me too much of a person in my own life. That was the scariest of all.