Tuesday, January 26, 2016

673. Body Heat

Body Heat
Directed by Lawrence Kasdan

We haven't had a good film noir movie in ages and yet every other film seems to be about war.  Damn the late seventies.

Ned Racine has an affair with Matty Walker during a Florida heat wave.  Matty and Ned begin to explore the idea of offing Matty's husband to get his money and continue their sweaty love story.  Of course, these things rarely go smoothly, especially when there is a woman with a husky voice involved.

I really enjoyed this film, although I have to say I am not a huge William Hurt fan.  I always find him to be like a duller version of Kevin Costner.  I did love the feeling of the film, as the characters always seemed to be sweltering, desperate for some kind of release.  The ending was definitely not what I was expecting and manages to still work, even if it is a bit implausible.

I miss the forties.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

William Hurt and Kathleen Turner introduced themselves to each crew member naked to make them feel comfortable filming their love scenes.


  1. Loved this movie and loved the twist! I thought everything was well done and the acting fantastic. I did not know about William Hurt and Kathleen Turner getting naked...love your Interesting Facts section!

  2. Nicely put comment that I didn't realise I agreed with until I saw it written down..".. not a huge William Hurt fan. I always find him to be like a more dull version of Kevin Costner."
    It was OK .. But how come a real Noir can be twice as sexy with a fraction of the flesh?

    1. Interesting question Ray. I agree! Maybe it has something to do with being in black and white.