Tuesday, January 26, 2016

672. Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire
Directed by Hugh Hudson

After a very interesting film about two runners, we come to a very boring film about runners.  I have said many times that sports movies are simply not my thing so don't expect a rave.

Chariots of Fire tells the story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympics.  One is a devout Scottish Christian discouraged by his sister to abandon running to service God and one is a English Jewish man who often faces adversity and prejudice.

This film tries really hard to be inspirational and maybe a few times it succeeded.  Still, it was hard to get into any of these characters.  It was hard to get too excited for them either; the problems that were presented to them in the film didn't seem like they would be solved with gold medals (although I guess that isn't the point of sports; could someone tell me what the point is?).

Still, that score almost makes up for this being such a dud.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Both Stephen Fry and Kenneth Branagh are in this film but only for a few seconds.


  1. T got our quiz team a good point the other day by answering the question 'Which sportsman died in a Japanese interment camp in feb 1945?' Now I know the film doesn't go there, but because of the film, I had at least heard of Eric Liddell, (which I hadn't previously), and knew he died about then ...
    Unfortunately, we still lost by about 15 points, so it didn't really do us much good.

  2. Haha! I've seen the film and I still wouldn't know...I unfortunately kept nodding off during it! I watched it with my friend who absolutely loved it- I think she was on the edge of her seat- while I was sat practically comatose. Still, the score is magnificent I agree!

  3. Good one Ray! I wouldn't have remembered that. Ashley, I can't believe your friend was on the edge of her seat! I was so bored!

  4. And wait for it, this week, one question was 'What is an Autodidact?' .. Being, somehow, very familiar with that word just about every day, Amanda ... for a brief moment I pictured you being there with us, and me saying "Nominate Amanda", and giving you your moment of glory..
    (You have to live in the UK, and be familiar with the TV programme 'University Challenge' to appreciate the reference)
    This week we won by the way, sadly I cannot say by one point, thus giving you REAL glory ..

  5. This quiz team sounds like a load of fun. Whenever I'm in a quiz the questions are just about cricket...or the Royal family haha

  6. It can be.. but when, in a few weeks, you have to flee the USA and seek political asylum from the Kingdom of Trumpsylvania on my couch .. I will take you along.

  7. Oh, sorry Ashley, I mistook that comment as one from Amanda. (I didn't read it properly) I think you are UK aren't you?

  8. Nice! There are worse words to be associated with. For some reason 90% of my readers are British.

  9. Really? Gosh ... I didn't realise hat. I've rather assumed all but one or two were in the USA. So it is OK to make references to things like 'University Challenge', and 'The Archers' and not have explain? To assume most know that, say, York is 'up North?'

  10. Haha yeah...safe (ish) from the Trump

  11. ..Well, as safe as any of us maybe ..

  12. I knew the York thing! I am a wannabe Brit