Sunday, January 10, 2016

650. Being There

Being There
Directed by Hal Ashby

Perhaps I am just being cranky, since I have recently had surgery and my leg feels like Annie Wilkes went to town on it.  But there have really been a streak of bad movies lately.  I am very excited to say goodbye to the 1970s soon.

Chance is a simple minded gardener, who learns about life only through watching television.  His slow nature is mistaken for profound genius.  Sort of like the opposite of Dostoyevsky's The Idiot.  Hijinks and misunderstandings ensue.

I did not care for this at all.  It felt almost Jerry Lewis-like.  I don't like it when the main character is portrayed as mentally retarded for some cheap laughs.  It's just too upsetting to me.

I think I have succeeded as being the buzzkill of the day with this post.  Maybe I should go throw up again.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

"Life is a state of mind" is written on Peter Sellers' tombstone.


  1. Think I agree with you, little of it sticks in my mind which is never a sign of a good film. Although I wouldn't mention it anywhere near the abomination that is Jerry Lewis, his films were up there with the worst in the book. Get well soon, the 80's and 90's are definitely a step up so plenty to look forward to.

    1. Thanks Donald! Yeah the Jerry Lewis comparison was a little harsh.

  2. Yes, all the best and speedy recovery. Not good for you to be laid up and so ill for so long, but I'm guessing the news you had surgery means that it is known what is wrong and it should have been dealt with.
    As you are not well, I feel reluctant to do so, but I'm going to mildly (and as gently as possible) disagree with you. I don't think we are invited to laugh at, belittle Chance, but the people around him. He is what he is , nothing else and - to me- a much more understanding portrayal than - say - Forest Gump (But I have always hated that film)
    I'm afraid I'm also going to side with Donald when he politely asks you not to "mention it anywhere near the abomination that is Jerry Lewis" .. but I Think You have taken that point on board already!
    Every page now takes me further out of my comfort zone as they get more and more modern. At least we have a while to go before too many blockbuster action stuff.
    So sorry ... I will fell bad all evening for being mean to you when ill (no, I retract, not the apology, but the statement I was mean - don't think I was .. ) We are allowed to disagree, but there is never an excuse to do so in a nasty way.
    Went to see 'Slow west' last night. didn't like it

    1. Thanks Ray! Why didn't you like Slow West?