Sunday, January 24, 2016

667. Airplane!

Directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker

Back when I was a young, carefree lass who wasn't following the List, I attempted to watch this with my sister.  We got about twenty minutes into before we had to turn it off.  This is saying a lot, since we have sat through some pretty horrible things.  When I started the List, I realized I would have to start this one over.  It was a somber day.

Ted is an ex fighter pilot who has a deep fear of flying.  He boards an airplane his girlfriend is serving as a flight attendant in hopes of winning her back.  During the flight, the pilots and many of the passengers get sick from the fish (see?  Being a vegetarian is cool!), so it is up to Ted to save the day.

A lot of times there isn't much to say about a comedy you don't like other than "I didn't think it was funny."  Some people might find the humor offensive, as a large portion of the jokes were racist, sexist, or vaguely creepy.  I think they were self aware, although I don't really consider that a pass to continue doing it and calling it entertainment.  I didn't find any of the jokes particularly offensive, just not very smart.

Still, if you did find this movie entertaining, I don't judge you.  I have never seen a disaster film (thank goodness) so wasn't entirely in on the joke anyway.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Aeromexico was the only airline to provide Airplane! as in flight entertainment.

Woody Allen loves this movie.  We really do not have the same taste.  Maybe that's a good thing.


  1. Oh dear .. Sorry, but I have to defend this one very strongly.
    But firstly, thank you for the promise not to judge me for liking it.

    I find it very funny, and, to me, has some of the best lines in filmed history.
    Yes, they are often puerile, silly, and DO border on the sexist / racist.. but not in an offensive way. OK, I will give you a few as 'not necessary', in that they are obvious.. (Jellies / boobs wobbling comparison), but I feel most are set up to be obvious just to knock them down, and be satirical.
    You mention 'creepy' as well.. I guess you were thinking of the one where the captain talks to Joey, the young boy. Well, fair point, predating adults hitting on little kids .. It's not a funny subject at all is it? It's hard to defend that joke .. but somehow I think it works, and I would keep it in. Don't ask me to spell out how or why I can defend it, because I cannot put it in words, but I just feel it is OK.

  2. When this came out, making fun of the disaster movie genre it was fresh and actually kind of funny. I don't think it survives well.

  3. Ray, I remembered from Andrew's blog that you actually liked this one which I never would have guessed. I wish I found it funny! Diana, I definitely think I might of enjoyed this more if I had been alive in 1980.

  4. I love Airplane!. I broadly tire of disaster movies which had become quite common at the time and this skewered the whole genre with pinpoint precision again and again.

    Yes, it's silly. And normally that's a criticism. Silly sounds easy but it's actually very hard to get right, and this gets it very right.

    *awaits judgement*

  5. Thanks Dessie, your support for this one is much appreciated!

  6. Surely Amanda must agree?

  7. Well, I still think the film is painfully unfunny, but I can see enjoying it if you are familiar with disaster movies. And don't call me Shirley!

  8. See, I KNEW you'd take the bait! You love it really!