Friday, January 29, 2016

684. The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead
Directed by Sam Raimi

I could almost give this movie a favorable review if it wasn't for the tree rape scene.  I can't fathom why that was included.  Obviously, the idea of a tree raping someone is too ridiculous to be scary.  I guess it was for the sole reason of being perverse, which immediately makes me lose respect for the filmmakers.  Sigh.

Five Michigan State University students travel to a cabin in Tennessee to spend their spring break.  It's the eighties, so they don't know yet that a trip like that will ultimately end in mass murder.  They unknowingly awaken evil spirits and some gross stuff happens.

So like I said, the tree scene ultimately ruins the movie for me.  I suppose it wasn't that great anyway, but it could have been fun.  It was strange that the character they chose to survive the longest was so boring, so it was hard to feel that invested.

I guess there's no denying the contribution this formula made to horror movies.  Still.  Blech.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Sam Raimi reportedly regrets the tree scene.  Well that's something at least.

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