Sunday, January 10, 2016

649. All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Directed by Bob Fosse

I have heard this movie compared to both 8 1/2 and Cabaret, two movies I just can't stand.  Perhaps I ruined it for myself, but I hated it as much as I expected to.

Joe Gideon is trying to work on a Broadway play while editing a Hollywood movie.  Apparently, he can't do this without having sex all the time, chain-smoking, and drugs.  What an artist.  His heart gets increasingly worse but he ignores all his symptoms.  There is nothing more frustrating to watch than someone self destructing.  Especially when there isn't even a good soundtrack to go along with it.

I just don't think I got this movie.  I really didn't understand what the tone was supposed to be.  I'm also not sure if we were supposed to sympathize with the main character or hate him.  I chose the latter.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

The film was based on Bob Fosse's own experience of having a heart attack, directing Chicago on stage, and editing his film Lenny.

Stanley Kubrick apparently said this was one of the best films he has ever seen.

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