Tuesday, March 26, 2013

313. High Society

High Society
Directed by Charles Walters

High Society is a great movie.  I remember I first watched this one at a musical movie night with my sister.  We also watched Moulin Rouge!.  Both these films would go on to become my favorites.  Man, that was a good night.

High Society is a remake of The Philadelphia Story.  I may be slightly biased because I saw this film first, but I have always preferred this version.  It is hard to compete with the original cast but bringing in such great songs was exactly what the story.  Also, I have a girl crush on Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly is about to marry a boring rich guy when her ex husband shows up.  Additionally, Frank Sinatra comes to report on the wedding and (naturally) falls for Grace himself.  Well, actually, her character's name is Tracy, but he was probably into Grace too.

If you still need to be sold, watch these music videos and observe the great vocal chemistry between the actors:

Still not convinced?  Well, then you are soulless and beyond help.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Last feature film of Grace Kelly.

The game show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" adapted its title from the song in the movie.


  1. I LOVE this movie. One of my favorite musical scenes of all time is the "Did You Evah?" number. Okay, nevermind I just watched it again and it's my favorite.

  2. Well, you know me and musicals .. But.. I will have to admit that, as musicals go, this was OK - maybe a bit more than OK .. and certainly 'Did you ever' is a highly catchy and fun little song.
    There, you have wrung a rather reluctant thumbs up from a dedicated anti musical person. Well done.

  3. I agree Rachel! I love when they run back to the bar after trying to go back to the party. And I am glad you liked it Ray! That's a grand total of two musicals you like then.

  4. Slowly slowly I am catching up in your reviews. I hope you do not mind.
    Anyway, the one (major) problem with High Society is that it is a remake of the Philadelphia Story and that that is one hell of a movie. Those shoes are just two big to fill, no matter how awesome Sinatry and Crosby were (and they were good!)

  5. Just rewatched this because I wasn't feeling well. Yeah, I agree, TSorensen. I thought they did a great job with it though.

  6. In which three men aged 41, 45 and 53 vie for the affections of 27-year old Grace Kelly. Who plays a character called Tracy (with a 'y') Lord.

    My head could see that it was a good film and that Kelly in particular exuded charm. But my heart never quite got over the fact that I'd seen all this before in The Philadelphia Story.

    Still, this had added musical numbers. And not just any numbers either; some of Cole Porter's best. They even bolted on Well, Did You Evah!. I like that, it's a clever song, the way the semi-spoken dialogue is worked in. I actually knew that first from Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop on the Red, Hot + Blue album.