Sunday, March 10, 2013

290. Ladykillers

Directed by Alexander Mackendrick

Previously, I have complained about not fully "getting" British comedy.  It is not that I don't think their jokes are funny, it is that I can't understand when they are making jokes.  I actually don't have this probably with British literature, which I have found quite funny in the past.  Anyway, this is another movie that I didn't find amusing in the slightest.

A lonely old woman lives by herself and has no one in her life so fills her time by making ridiculous accusations about her neighbors to the police. See, it's funny because of how pathetic she is!  Anyway, a gang of criminals rent one of her rooms and convince her that they are actually a string quintet. They plan on pulling off a heist but the old lady gets too wise so they decide to kill her.  See, it's even funnier because if they did, no one would care!

I do not think there is anything wrong with the concept of the film.  It could actually be quite an interesting thriller.  However, to call it a comedy is like calling Reservoir Dogs a comedy.  I like the concept of the film; I wish it had been executed differently.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

A younger actress was cast before Katie Johnson but died before filming began.

Peter Sellers did the voices of the parrots.  Groan.  Peter Sellers.


  1. The Ealing comedies are all based on stereotypes of the various British classes and races hence in Ladykillers everyone is too polite to kill the old lady apart from Herbert Lom's "European" character and in Whisky Galore the whisky is like gold dust to the Scots (even when it's not strictly rationed as it was at that time) so unless you know the British well then it probably would be hard to understand everyone's motivations.

    1. Oh I didn't think about that. You're right though.

  2. Comedy is a personal thing. There is no such thing as universally funny. I loved this movie and found it ridiculously funny. The tea party with the gangsters and the old ladies was priceless and the old lady herself was absolutely awesome. Well, to me at least.