Monday, May 23, 2016

940. Todo sobre mi madre

Todo sobre mi madre
All About My Mother
Directed by Pedro Almodovar

Happy belated Mother's Day, everyone.  Really belated if you are in the UK.  Work with me here; I am trying to pretend this blog has holiday related themes.  So in honor of Mother's Day, we will talk All About My Mother.

Manuela is a single nurse who lives her teenaged son Esteban.  On his seventeenth birthday, Esteban is hit by a car and killed while trying to get an actress' autograph.  Manuela is persuaded to donate Esteban's heart to the hospital.  Manuela then quits her job and travels to Barcelona to find Esteban's father, Lola, a transvestite who is unaware he has a son.  While there, Manuela becomes involved in the lives of several characters, including a pregnant nun and a drug addict.

I think any filmmaker is brave for tackling the subject of AIDs as no one wanted to touch that topic for decades.  It was even more courageous the way they handled it here, but to go into detail on that point would be a spoiler.  Suffice to say, the person afflicted with the disease wasn't your stereotypical AIDs victim.

I did think the movie dragged at times, but overall my favorite Almodovar film so far.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Dedicated to Bette Davis, Gena Rowlands, and Romy Schneider.

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