Monday, May 9, 2016

911. Trainspotting

Directed by Danny Boyle

I have now seen this movie three times and I sincerely hope I will never have to watch it again.  Most recently, a friend had it on in his house and we were never close enough that I could ask him to turn it off.  He also made me watch Vanilla Sky, so he clearly can't be trusted.

Mark Renton is a heroine addict who yearns to clean himself up and live a somewhat normal life, away from his horrible friends.  During one of his periods of sobriety, he meets and has sex with Diane, only to discover the next morning that she is fifteen years old.

Obviously, there are parts of this film that are truly disgusting in a scatological kind of way.  Unfortunately, the scenes involving human excrement are the least horrifying scenes in the film.  Maybe people need to see this to understand the level of sleaze that comes with heroine addict.  I personally know a heroine addict and this isn't really something that I want watch.  So perhaps it is a must see film, but not a must see for me.

Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors and the monologue is fantastic.  But, like I said, I really hope I'll never have to see this again.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The sex scene between Kelly Macdonald and Ewan McGregor was slightly adjusted for the American release, as it appeared Diane, a schoolgirl, was enjoying it too much.

Ewan McGregor briefly considered shooting up to better understand his part, but ultimately decided against it.


  1. This is five stars in my book. There's so much in there it just gets better and better with each re-watching.

    A friend at the time had a brother who was a heroin-addict scumbag that their parents thought was an angel whilst disparaging her. So, before the film was released, she bought him this book for Christmas just because it she found it funny to bemuse the family wondering why she had bought her brother a book about trainspotting when he had no interest in trains.

    1. I suppose you are right about the rewatches. Although maybe it is only better for me because I now know when to cover my eyes. I would not imagine that guy would ever open a book.