Sunday, January 3, 2021

1166. Victoria

Directed by Sebastian Schipper

My recent surgery has kicked my ass, but I had drafts saved, so I've been publishing things past Amanda wrote. Current Amanda is not doing so great. My surgery led to a hematoma, which resulted in an ambulance ride, emergency surgery, and a wound that looks like a dragon's bite. Now there's the grueling recovery period, where there is nothing to do but watch movies and complain about them.

Victoria is a Spanish woman who has moved to Berlin. She doesn't speak German, but is able to connect to some city folk with English. She leaves a club one night and meets four young men who have been denied entry to the club. She agrees to go for a walk with them in the city. Clearly, her mom never made her read the Gift of Fear in middle school, and she hasn't been properly terrified for life. Anyway, Victoria gets caught up in the gang's plans for the night, and it doesn't involve taking her out for ice cream.

Out of the three single take movies we've seen on this List (the other two being Russian Ark and Birdman), this is probably my second favorite. I feel like directors choose this route as some sort of personal challenge, or else they realize their story is so shaky they need some sort of gimmick to make it worthwhile. Personally, I couldn't care less if you cut away from a shot, so long as the story is interesting. I wasn't really into this plot, I thought Victoria was a fairly inaccessible character who made strange choices that the audience wouldn't ever consider. I wanted to learn more about her, but the format of the movie kind of prohibited that.

I'll need a better movie than this to distract from pain, so hopefully something really engaging comes up soon.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Shot in one long continuous shot. They got it right the third time.

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