Monday, March 28, 2016

850. Conte d'hiver

Conte d'hiver
A Tale of Winter
Directed by Eric Rohmer

Only 151 movies left to go people!  I know, I know...speed it along.  I will try my best, dear readers.

The film opens with a rather nauseating montage of a young couple falling in love over vacation on a beach.  At the end of the trip, Felicie accidentally gives Charles the wrong address.  Consequently, he doesn't find her (I guess they can't all be Rex Hofmans).  This is particularly unfortunate, as Felicie is pregnant with Charles' child.  Five years later, Felicie is still missing Charles and is pursued by two very different suitors.

Roger Ebert said there is sadness in Rohmer's work, but never gloom.  Once again, Ebert demonstrates that he is the perfect human.  There was a certain sadness in this.  I think we all would like to believe that our lives are defined by our big decisions, but in reality it is our small mistakes and even smaller strokes of luck that dictate the direction our lives take.  This entire film was hinged on coincidence, which was, at times, frustrating.  Ultimately, though, I think the style was a statement, rather than simply implausible storytelling...right?

Anyway, I can't go too high on my rating for this one, as Felicie's indecisiveness kept pissing me off.  I am not saying it was unrealistic, but it was definitely annoying to witness.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The second in Rohmer's "Tales of the Four Seasons" series.

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