Tuesday, March 8, 2016

807. Astenicheskiy sindrom

Astenicheskiy sindrom
Asthenic Syndrome
Directed by Kira Muratova

The Book says this isn't an easy one to understand or take in.  It also warns that this movie will make you nuts.  If the Listmakers say something is difficult to get through, buckle your seat belts.  These people thought Napoleon was "brimming with energy."

Oh my, what on earth is the plot summary?  Let's seen.  The first forty minutes of the movie are in black and white and looked like something filmed 100 years ago.  A woman is in mourning for her late husband and must consequently scream, cry, and throw many tantrums.  I really sound heartless, but man, was she obnoxious.  That plot is revealed to be a film within a film and the real story is about a teacher who falls asleep a lot.  Maybe if the movie wasn't so dull we wouldn't have this problem.

I get the point Muratova is trying to make with this one or, at least, one of the points she was trying to make.  We have a character who can sleep through anything, no matter how chaotic the world is around him.  Her intention is pretty clear but the delivery is just atrocious.  This is honestly one of the dullest film experiences I have ever had.  It was extremely repetitive too, which I thought was just cruel.

Definitely a clock watcher and one that I am happy to start forgetting, although the Book predicts this will be difficult.  I'll manage.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Can't find anything interesting about this one.  Clearly.


  1. Writing posts about picture is difficult at times... and then there is this one. Oh well, I guess that if I could write about Dog Star Man, I'll manage.

    You did it very well btw!