Saturday, March 19, 2016

833. The Rapture

The Rapture
Directed by Michael Tolkin

Okay, I am really going to try to be nice about this one, although it will be a bit of a struggle for me.  I am an atheist, but I grew up in a predominantly religious area.  I wrote an article for the school paper about being an atheist and people got a bit...peeved.  I think I am still listed on a few Catholic websites' hit list.  I also got dumped by a football player for being "the atheist."  Ah, the tragedies of our time.  In any case, I will try to be fair and keep the judgmental comments to a minimum.

Sharon is a young woman in Los Angeles, who (hide your wives and children) enjoys having sex and drinking.  She is informed that the Rapture is coming, so becomes a born again Christian.  Apparently, this still counts as devotion and will get her into heaven.  She gets married and has a daughter but lead her to believe that God is maybe not so benevolent after all.  I guess she doesn't have access to the news, so didn't know this before.

It is hard to watch a film with religious themes without having your experience colored by your own beliefs.  I think I was able to avoid this by not expecting this film universe to be our own; this is not our world, this is Tolkin's world.  In his universe, God is real, the apocalypse is coming, and letting God into your heart (whatever that means) will get you into heaven.  I accept all that.  Whether you believe God is real in our world doesn't necessarily have to factor into your enjoyment at all (although making snarky comments is always a blast).

That being said, this movie sucked on its own accord.  The acting is terrible and I don't think I have ever seen a more obnoxious lead character (keep in mind that my exposure to Adam Sandler films is limited).  The ending was just ridiculous and the whole thing reeked of pretension.

There.  I apologized if I insulted anyone.  Don't be afraid to come back at me in the comments, as I like when discussions of film can branch out to bigger issues.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Michael Tolkin said that the ill timing of the release was the reason behind the poor box office performance.  Sure it is.

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