Saturday, March 5, 2016

802. My Left Foot

My Left Foot
Directed by Jim Sheridan

After extensive bone surgery, my left foot is currently ruling my life, causing me constant pain and limiting my mobility.  For Christy Brown, his left foot is his salvation.  Each case is unfair (though his story is infinitely more tragic).  Down with foot servitude!

Christy Brown has cerebral palsy, but possesses a brilliant mind.  One day, he realizes he can express himself through his left foot, but still is (understandably) a difficult person to live with.  He finds meaning in his life by producing paintings.  He ends up falling in love with Aunt Petunia...his life truly is tragic.

I was sort of dreading this one, as I was expecting some sort of made for television melodrama.  Thankfully, the director doesn't spend the entire film trying to make the audience feel guilty or realize "how good they have it."  Instead, we are told a very human story about an imperfect man, trapped in an even more imperfect body.

Through clenched teeth, I will admit that Daniel Day Lewis's performance was inspired.  Oh god, saying that hurts.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Daniel Day Lewis refused to break character and had to have people help him with food in between takes.  Could he be any more annoying?


  1. The interesting fact about Daniel Day Lewis made we want to scream. I love that you include those. Good synopsis followed by a thoughtful review. Well done!