Sunday, March 6, 2016

806. Glory

Directed by Edward Zwick

I guess the only way we can see stories about African Americans is if a white guy is still the main character.  I kid...well, about this film anyway.  I am still mad about Dances With Wolves and The Last Samurai.

After being wounded in the Battle of Antietam, Captain Shaw is put in charge of an all black regiment. The Confederacy has issued an order that any black soldiers in Union uniform would be instantly executed, along with their white officers.  That's the old Southern Charm.  Still, the soldiers courageously stay on and ultimately kick some ass.  Well, kind of.

There are extraordinary performances in this film, which is probably the most talked about element of this film.  I don't usually like films that glorify war (or films that condemn war...really, I just find war movies dull).  But this movie really pulls it off perfectly, complete with inspirational speeches, unlikely friendships, and astounding bravery.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Cary Elwes and Matthew Broderick did not get along during filming.  Wesley and Ferris??  How can I pick a side??

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