Thursday, April 4, 2013

RIP Roger Ebert

Hello all,

I just wanted to say a quick word about Roger Ebert, who is perhaps the best known film critic in the world and one of my personal heroes.

I cannot tell you how many times I have read a review of Roger's and instantly thought to myself "yes, that is exactly how I felt!"  Roger had the ability to put any emotion into words, and he did it beautifully.

I have, on occasion, received a nasty or rude comment on this blog because of my writing or opinions.  But it was Roger, who probably was insulted more cruelly than most film stars, that helped me remember that you are allowed to have an opinion.  It doesn't matter if other people disagree or even think you are stupid for feeling a certain way.  You can't help the way you feel about a movie.

But Roger isn't just an inspiration for his career as a film critic.  He had a good attitude through cancer, the loss of his jaw, and the death of his best friend and he still managed to be happy.

It is always sad to see an idol die.  However, when I look at how full Roger's life was, I feel inspired and happy that the world got to know such an amazing man.  RIP Roger.


  1. I completely agree and I feel the same way. I loved Roger Ebert's work as his reviews were everywhere. I had always seen "Two Thumbs Up" for hundreds upon thousands of films around when I was a kid. I cried so much when I found out. It wasn't until just today that I had realised there was a comment of his on the back of the 8th edition of 1001 Films to See Before You Die. I remembered it was there and I wept when I read it again. Here it is "I have, by the way, seen 943 of the 1001 movies, and am carefully rationing the remaining titles to prolong my life." It is so sad to know this, and I hope to God he had completed it. If not, then he has still seen more movies than most on the planet. R.I.P Roger Ebert (1942-2013). You are with Gene now.

    1. Hey Chris,
      I cried too:(. I had noticed that quote too. I had always wondered if he attempted to see the rest of the films in the book or if he was too busy.
      Thanks for commenting!