Tuesday, April 23, 2013

341. Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot
Directed by Billy Wilder

I was stunned when I realized I loved this movie.  I have never thought men dressing in drag was funny.  I feel like most comedic plays I have gone to have to include at least one gag where a man is dressed up like a woman.  What is that about?

However, Billy Wilder didn't just rely on the "oh my god, a man is in a dress, how outrageous is that" gag for laughs.  This movie is full of risqué jokes and witty dialogue that makes the film absolutely hilarious.

Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) witness the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and are forced to go into hiding.  Posing as Josephine and Daphne, they join an all girl band on its way to Miami.  Of course, they both immediately fall for Sugar Kane, played extraordinarily well by Marilyn Monroe.

I absolutely adore this movie.  The acting is fantastic; each character has excellent comedic timing, even the gangsters who have very few lines.

There is really nothing to dislike about the film.  It is extremely quotable and my sister and I often reference it in conversations.  A great movie that is as funny today as it was in 1959.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

It took Marilyn Monroe 47 takes to get the line "It's Me, Sugar" correct and 59 takes to get the line "Where's the bourbon?" correct.

Wilder blasted Monroe after this movie was shot and did not invite her to the wrap party.

#22 in AFI's top 100.


  1. My father-in-law has two quotes he can apply to anything: "You chose wisely", and "Nobody is perfect". Guess which movies he love.

  2. Christmas, nothing else to do, and it cropped up on TV, so a re-watch....

    Never been a fan of MM .. I'm afraid I just don't get it.. she does absolutely nothing for me as far as appeal, but in this .. her 'dim but cute' schtick works, and it's fun to watch ...

    1. I feel like she is a tragic figure, which is why she intrigues me. That's a fun Christmas watch.