Thursday, April 25, 2013

343. Les yeux sans visage

Les yeux sans visage
Eyes Without a Face
Directed by Georges Franju

Many moons ago I had a group of friends that I would watch horror movies with every Saturday night. It was a fun tradition; we would rotate houses and take turns picking out the movies.  While they would pick out fun slashers, I would always pick out weird foreign classics.  Soon, I was not allowed to pick out the movies anymore.  However, this is one of the movies we watched.  While it wasn't very scary, I enjoyed it immensely.

A girl loses her face in an accident and her husband attempts to build her a new face by kidnapping girls and taking, um, samples.

The last horror film we had on the list was Dracula, which had a decent amount of gore but is nowhere near this movie.  I don't think I have seen any medical horror films before this and they are actually quite popular nowadays.  A definite innovation.

Like I said, not terribly scary but that girl pictured above definitely gives me the creeps.  French cinema will never stop surprising me.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Franju did not consider this a horror film; instead, it was a film of anguish.

John Carpenter's Michael Myers mask was inspired by this movie.

Seven audience members fainted during one of the premieres of this film.


  1. I couldn't believe how graphic and scary this was! I guess I expected more of a corny Dracula movie too. I liked it!

  2. Total agreement .. not scary, but creepy, with lots of atmosphere, low gore content.. .. pretty much what I go for in a horror movie. A big hit for me.

  3. This is like poetic horror. That mask gave me the jitters and the facial operation is plenty gore for me. I hate hospital and all they entails.
    Super movie!

    1. Yeah I am usually not into body horror but I really liked this!