Tuesday, April 23, 2013

337. Mon Oncle

Mon Oncle
My Uncle
Directed by Jacques Tati

You might recall that I absolutely tore M. Hulot's Holiday to shreds.  While this isn't exactly a sequel, the character of M. Hulot is once again the star and I die a little inside.

Last time, I had absolutely no idea what Tati was going for with his film.  This time, I get the distinct impression that he is trying to imitate Modern Times and that he wants M. Hulot to be as lovable and recognizable as the Tramp.

Once again, this probably around 60% of this movie is silent.  This, of course, would be okay if the silent parts were halfway interesting.  Unfortunately, I was terribly bored and spent the entire film wondering if the list makers get some sort of perverse pleasure in testing me.

Anyway, it is a cheap imitation of Chaplin and Chaplin is superior in every way.

RATING: *---- (I will give it one because I did like it better than M. Hulot's Holiday; this isn't saying much)

Interesting Facts:

Wow, I got nothing with this one.  Here's a clip:


  1. I am sorry you had such a hard time with Tati. I absolutely loved this movie which is more than I can say about most of these old comedies.
    Comedy is not unversal in the way tragedy is and this I suppose is the proof.

    1. Exactly and they often age horribly. See W.C. Fields

  2. I liked various aspects of the style, but the humour didn't tickle me. 115mins is a long time to watch a comedy that doesn't tickle you.