Saturday, December 26, 2020

1158. Shame

Directed by Steve McQueen

I am sort of getting desperate for a light-hearted List movie, since they have been so heavy lately. This is another very serious film, but it has certain...compensations. 

Brandon is an executive in New York City who is barely keeping a lid on his sex addiction. His sister Sissy insists on staying with him, and clearly comes with her own set of mental illnesses. Oh yes, and Michael Fassbender is naked. A lot.

It's always interesting to see sex addiction treated as a grave issue, as it is often dismissed as something celebrities claim to have to justify cheating on their wives. The entire film is remarkably ambiguous, and Fassbender's performance really contributes to that theme. And it was intriguing that the story never attempted to redeem its characters.

Also, the bar scene was very, ahem, memorable for me.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The first time Fassbender saw this film he was with his father. 

Shot in 25 days.

Carey Mulligan has said she found her nude scene was liberating.

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  1. I'm struggling to remember this one ... Having read the synopsis, bits came back to me, but I failed to put it all together, and certainly not recalling any feelings or opinions about it..