Wednesday, December 2, 2020

1145. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins
Directed by Robert Stevenson

This is one of those movies that is deserving of its place on the List, but that doesn't make it an enjoyable watch. It's a cutesy film that I am sure holds a lot of nostalgia for many people. But it was never a favorite of mine to watch growing up. We stayed away from the more saccharine movies in my day.

Mary Poppins descends from the clouds to take care of the Banks children, Jane and Michael. I guess Mr. Banks and his wife don't really pay attention to their children, but if there really is an umbrella-wielding deity who can use magic whenever she wants, surely there were children in 1910 London more deserving of her help. Like, say, the chimney sweeps. 

A musical is only as good as its songs, and although many of these songs are iconic, I don't like a single one. If I had to choose, I would say that "A Spoonful of Sugar" is perhaps the least obnoxious. I also didn't like the animation sequences. I suppose it was a technical achievement at the time, now it just feels trippy and out of place.

So like I said, it is definitely 1001-worthy, but personally I find these kinds of cloying movies hard to stomach. 

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

P.L. Travers, the author of the original novel, hated this movie so much that she left the premiere in tears.

Elizabeth Taylor was considered for the role of Mary Poppins.


  1. Not really my thing either, but my son loved it and that is what matters for a children's movie

  2. I loved it at the time and thought Julie Andrews was perfection in the role.I also liked the books so it may be that fondness I am feeling too.

  3. Good grief, you mean we haven't already tackled this??


    More saccharine musical stuff, but, damnit, those are such memorable songs.

    I remember seeing this, at the cinema, as a kid, and, probably at the original time of release, and recall being irritated by the silly singing interrupting the story.
    We have to find a 'musical zero' to explain my dislike of the damn things, and this is as good enough culprit.

    TS's comment, I like.. if it kept his son entertained, well, jolly good.

    Are we going to mention the remake?