Saturday, November 14, 2020

1134. For Sama

For Sama
Directed by Waad Al-Kateab and Edward Watts

This is one of those documentaries that you "should" see, but I am forever scarred by the images shown in this film. Of course, that is the entire point, to force Western audiences to confront the reality of the situation, instead of ignoring it like we've done so long. But we have to look out for our own mental health as well, and the footage is pretty devastating.

Waad Al-Kateab, a journalist and rebel, raises her daughter Sama with her husband, Dr. Hamza Al-Kateab, against the backdrop of the Syrian uprising. Al-Kateab captures many disturbing glimpses of war, like footage of dead bodies (including children). We also see enough family moments to understand exactly what they are fighting for.

I think it is a surprisingly hopeful documentary, but I wouldn't advise my loved ones to watch it any time soon. It's 2020, and we're pretty much hanging on by a thread. But who knows, maybe watching it will inspire you to take action, even if that action is just feeling grateful.

RATING: doesn't really feel appropriate here...

Interesting Facts:

Waad Al-Kateab was pregnant with Sama's sister when she fled Syria.

Al-Kateab was 21 when she started filming.

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  1. OK, I've been avoiding replying to this one...

    It's one of those films that, because of subject are sort of immune from criticism... if you say anything, anything at all, against it, you are a cruel heartless monster with no human soul and certainly voted tRump.

    So .. err...

    Perhaps I am an uncaring monster, but can at least assure everyone I didn't vote tRump.. not even scheming Democrat steal-the-election plans managed to get me a vote.

    But I have reservations about this as a film, not the situation..

    Look, I'm not in anyway diminishing the human tragedy of Syria, and the innocents caught up in it all.

    But.. I'm afraid I avoid even friend's baby photographs.. and, I'm sorry, but a lot of this film was taken up with far too much... Baby! Look, I'm going to have, am having had a baby! Look! This is her at 5 mins old! Now, look, this is her at 10 mins old! Hasn't she grown! .... a day old, two days.. Enough baby pictures please...
    And I'm afraid I have ..some doubts about her ... some of the wisdom of .. some her decisions. Move back into a war zone - with baby- from a safe place .. strike up another relationship, have another baby in obviously seriously deteriorating conditions..

    Sorry, I've probably alienated several people here.. Who cannot love baby photographs? Well,