Thursday, June 23, 2016

986. Tsotsi

Directed by Gavin Hood

So my goal is to finish this by Thursday.  It's quite an ambitious goal, but what am I if not ambitious (do me a favor and don't respond to that question in the comments)?  I have been working on this project for five years and am ready to finally complete the List.

Tsotsi is the leader of a Johannesburg street gang.  During a mugging on the Subway, Tsotsi's gang kills an old man.  Boston, one of the gang members, is sick after the killing and asks Tsotsi how he can be so inhuman.  Tsotsi badly beats Boston and leaves.  He then goes on to carjack a young mother, shoot her, and drive away with a baby in the backseat.  What a prince, huh?  Tsotsi's first instinct is to abandon the child but he ultimately decides to do what he can to take of him.

There's definitely a strong stench of cheese coming from this plot.  I mean a street thug becomes a better person after spending some time with a child.  Come to think of it, he doesn't actually spend that much  time with the kid, only enough time to get some "significant look while the music swells" moments.  Okay, I am being kind of harsh.  It actually wasn't that bad, just a bit too sentimental for my tastes.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

"Tsotsi" loosely translates into "thug" in Johannesburg slang.

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