Tuesday, June 14, 2016

970. Hable con ella

Hable con ella
Talk to Her
Directed by Pedro Almodovar

Continuing our streak of depressing, rape-y films, we come to Talk to Her.  I have to give this movie credit, it was incredibly disturbing in a very unique way.  Credit is the correct word, right?

Alicia Roncero is a beautiful dance student who is comatose after being hit by a car.  She is "cared for" by Benigno, a male nurse who has an unhealthy obsession with her.  Lydia Gonzalez is a famous matador who becomes comatose after being gored by a bull.  She is frequently visited by Marco, a sensitive journalist who had only recently become her lover.  Benigno and Marco form a special bond, as they are both in love with unconscious women.

I think I was supposed to feel more sympathy than I did for Benigno (although I certainly felt for Marco).  By showing us his lonely life in detail, we are evidently supposed to feel sorry for him and ultimately forgive his actions, or, at the very least, understand them.  But the more I watched the film, the more disgusted I was with this man.  He was basically just using Alicia as a toy.  He should have just gotten an inflatable doll, but I suppose his selfishness stopped that from happening.  Marco must have seen something in Benigno that I did not.  Marco's presence actually saved the film for me; otherwise, I might have had to cover the screen with my hands.  By the end of the movie, I was half in love with Marco already.  What woman doesn't want a guy who cries at the ballet?

Ultimately, it was a compelling film with complex characters.  But I did feel the need to take about twenty showers after watching it.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The bulls' bloodiness is real although Pedro Almodovar says he had permission from the bulls' owner to kill them.

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