Tuesday, June 7, 2016

963. The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums
Directed by Wes Anderson

If there was one way to guarantee that I will like a movie, it's to include Nico in the soundtrack.  I'm convinced Nico could elevate any crappy film.  Maybe I will play Chelsea Girl over whatever shitty movie the List comes up with next.

I suppose the easiest way of describing this plot is by giving a short rundown on each of the colorful members of the Tenenbaum family.  Royal is the patriarch whose insensitivity and basic awfulness is the main reason that the family is so dysfunctional.  Royal's estranged wife, Etheline, is a successful archaeologist who falls for her accountant.  Royal and Etheline have three children, all of whom were children prodigies who are stalling in their adult life.  The oldest son, Chas is a genius in international finance who is obsessed with his two sons' safety after his wife died in plane crash.  Margot is a wunderkind playwright whose status as "the adopted one" was constantly thrown in her face by her father during her childhood.  Now she is in a seemingly loveless marriage.  Finally, Richie is a tennis prodigy who suffered a nervous breakdown that ended his career.  The family is reunited when Royal gets sick.

I've changed my mind.  That was quite lengthy and there probably was a better way of describing the plot.  Anyway, the film is based on a non existent book that is narrated by Alec Baldwin.  I think this is brilliant; the characters are so rich and detailed that it truly feels as though they have a literary source. Rushmore hinted that Wilson and Anderson possessed comedic brilliance and this film certainly delivered.

So a beautiful film with a kick ass soundtrack.  Definitely deserving of its place on the List.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

The original hawk that was used to play Mordecai was kidnapped and held for ransom during shooting.

Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, and Danny Glover all turned roles in Ocean's Eleven to be in this film.


  1. I* quite enjoyed this in an odd way .. I mean it is an odd film isn't it .. with very odd characters.. and that grabbed me.