Friday, June 17, 2016

977. Bin-jip

Directed by Kim Ki-duk

Twenty four more movies to go and I am really starting to get burnt out.  I guess you can't write about 332 movies in the course of the six months without getting a tad worn out by the end.  Still, I am so close that I can't stand to take a break now.  Onward!

Tae-suk is a silent loner who lives in apartments while their owners are away on vacation.  Often times, he will fix appliances or do laundry for the owners, so you know, he pays it forward I guess.   One day, he breaks into a large home, unaware that he is being watched by Sun-hwa, an abused housewife.  He finally notices Sun-hwa and leaves, but returns shortly afterward.  He witnesses Sun-hwa being abused by her husband and proceeds to hit golf balls at her attacker.  The couple then begins an entirely silent relationship.

My favorite thing about most films is the dialogue, so I obviously wasn't going to be a huge fan of this movie.  I can enjoy silence in films when it has some understandable purpose.  Perhaps Ki-duk chose not to have the two main characters speak because they are the people in our society that don't have strong voices (i.e. a drifter and an abused woman).  Of course, the more interesting thing to do would be to give these silent groups a voice, but maybe giving them a story was enough.

In any case, it was visually stunning and certainly unique enough that it warrants an inclusion on The List.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Filmed in 16 days.

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