Friday, June 17, 2016

976. Gegen die Wand

Gegen did Wand
Directed by Fatih Akin

We had a quick break from sexually disturbing movies, but don't worry, they have returned with gusto.  By my calculations, we should be able to fit at least twenty more sexual assaults in before the end of this journey.  Man, things have really taken a turn for the upsetting lately.  But I digress.

Cahit, an alcoholic Turkish German widower, tries to commit suicide by driving his car head-on into a wall.  He survives, and is subsequently sent to a psychiatric clinic.  While there, he meets Sibel, another Turkish German who has tried to commit suicide.  She convinces Cahit to marry her in order to help her get away from her parents.  She promises him that they will still both be able to live separate sex lives.  If you don't think they will fall in love, you most likely haven't seen a movie before.

The plot sounds really conventional; in fact, I could probably name about ten romantic comedies that use the marriage of convenience trope (I would cite examples but I don't want you people to know that I've seen movies like The Proposal).  Of course, since this isn't Hollywood, the movie is freer to take some risks with unexpected and darker twists.  I found the experience rather frustrating.  With rom coms, you have to get used to characters being their own worst enemies.  At least at the end, you are rewarded with the knowledge that awkwardness and misunderstandings won't stand in the way of true love.  You don't really get that feeling at the conclusion of this film.  This is probably be a good thing, but I was still left feeling very unsatisfied.

I don't think bitterness and depression fit into the romantic comedy framework very well.  It's like adding rhubarb to a cupcake recipe.  If I was a better cook I could probably come up with a more logical reference.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The lead actress spent the money she made off this movie on a nose job.

Sibel Kekilli was discovered at a mall.

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