Friday, October 2, 2015

605. Jaws

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Finally welcoming Steven Spielberg to the blog!  I know it must have been hard for the Listmakers to admit that they like a director that the average person might have heard of.   Don't worry guys; we will get through this together.

Is there really any need for a plot synopsis here?  A girl goes skinny dipping one night with somewhat disastrous results (for some reason I can never watch this scene; I find it too upsetting).  The police chief wants to close the beaches when it becomes clear it was a shark attack, but the mayor is too concerned about the town's revenue during tourist season to do the right thing.  Another attack happens (something I couldn't watch as well; I am growing soft in my old age), and it is up to the police chief (who is afraid of water), a shark expert, and a crotchety fisherman to fin-ally kill this monster.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Is it possible to dislike this film?  I think the scar discussion is one of the most brilliant scenes in cinema.  All the characters are fascinating and the action never slows down.  I recently rewatched this with my family and I had forgotten how silly the townspeople were.

Pure entertainment and spectacularly done.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

The mechanical shark that the filmmakers intended to use broke down, prompting Spielberg to use the camera as "the shark."

Roy Schneider ad-libbed the line "you're gonna need a bigger boat."

Highest grossing movie until Star Wars.


  1. Well .. i went to see it at the time of release, and it did all the things it was supposed to do .. grip, surprise, make you jump .. so I suppose it is good.

    So why the hesitation and reluctance fro me to pay it it's due full respect?

    I guess perhaps because I blame it for the next 40 years of increasingly formulaic 'summer blockbuster' trash, and the rise to world dominance in cinema os Spielberg and his imitators.
    I'm not being fair am I?
    It, to steal a UK advertising slogan, 'does exactly as it says on the tin', and why not.

    1. I agree for the most part, but it was the dialogue in this movie that I think really sets it apart.

  2. This movie was terrifying & did exactly what it was supposed to. Great casting, great dialogue and though it set off those unfortunate sequels and a trend of formulaic, stupid movies I am happy it exists. Still scared it exists, but happy.

  3. I watched this the other day...I really am not a fan of disaster movies or that kind of thing so I was thinking I would hate it. I ended up absolutely loving it! It was totally gripping and lived up to its reputation completely. Plus...I don't know how he managed to do it...but you cared so much about these characters. Even though there was so much action and so much about the shark (obviously) ,the characters were all really well done. I already loved Richard Dreyfuss and Rob Scheider but I thought they did an even better job than I expected.
    Seriously considering renting Jaws 2 haha!

    1. Lol let me know how that goes! I haven't seen any of the sequels.