Saturday, October 17, 2015

616. The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth
Directed by Nicolas Roeg

Once again, we have a rock star playing the lead in one of our movies.  David Bowie actually managed to be decent in this film, but remember: we are getting closer and closer to Cher in Moonstruck.  Everybody beware!

Bowie is an alien.  I found this premise completely believable and thought this film might actually turn out to be a documentary.  Anyway, there is a drought on his planet and he plans on transporting some water from Earth back home.  He is able to make money by patenting his planet's technology.  He meets an incredibly obnoxious hotel maid or, as I call her, Naggy McNaggyson.  He also befriends a former professor who seems to prey on young girls (Creepy McCreepyson).

I have heard the film's plot described as being about "the corruption of an innocent being."  I don't necessarily think that's true.  Our "hero" seems pretty ready to cheat on his wife from the beginning and, based on the ending, it doesn't seem like his "people" are all that better than us earthlings.

I didn't expect to like this movie that much.  I didn't love it, but maybe I got a bit more out of it than I thought I would.  It is definitely way too long and some of the characters are insanely annoying.  Still, it had a decent plot and there are worse ways to spend two hours.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Roeg initially wanted to cast Michael Crichton as the lead.  What is the logic behind these casting decisions??


  1. Rather dated now isn't it? A product of it's time perhaps .. and playing to one of the personas of Bowie (Not that there is much wrong with that..) but the end result is just a bit too cliche trippy and not that interesting..

    1. I agree. Wasn't this the Thin White Duke persona? Not even one of the interesting ones.