Saturday, October 31, 2015

626. Eraserhead

Directed by David Lynch

Oh man.  David Lynch's reign of terror has begun.  At least I am delivering one horror film for Halloween.  My sister and I are attending an all night horror movie marathon tonight!  It should be truly awful, as I think at least one Halloween sequel is on the menu.  Fun, fun, fun!

Ugh.  Let's get this out of the way.  Frequent readers of mine could probably predict I would hate this.  Henry Spencer has a baby with his girlfriend, but there is something wrong with the child (think Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire).  I read that David Lynch's daughter has clubfoot, so she believes that the inspiration behind the mutated baby was Lynch's regret about having her.  If that's true...well, I can't even think about that.

So I guess the filmmakers wanted us to feel disturbed and make us wish we hadn't seen some of the images?  Good job, I suppose?

RATING: -----

Interesting Facts:

Stanley Kubrick made the cast of The Shining watch this movie to get the feel of the horror genre.  You hear a lot of stories about how Kubrick is abusive but that has got to the worst.

John Waters' favorite film.  Surprise!


  1. I don't think you will find me disagreeing with much you have to say about this. .. other than it is oddly interesting. Not that I want to watch it again.. but it did make an impact. I will defend it's place in the book at the same time as going yech.

    1. I guess...I will reluctantly agree that it deserves its place on the ... no, I couldn't get it out!

  2. I liked this well enough. I can understand it is not for everyone, but I like the originality behind it. When I first saw it, I was not sure what to think. As time has passed I feel it is a unique experience. I often like unique films. Sorry you didn't like it at all.

    1. I guess I like unique films, but this was too gross for me. I guess I have a weaker stomach than you! Thanks Larry!

    2. David Lynch must have been a very disturbed soul at that time. Oh, the horror!