Wednesday, October 7, 2015

611. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver
Directed by Martin Scorsese

After yet another mass shooting in the United States, I am reluctant to praise a film that seems to glorify this kind of violence.  I am not one to point fingers at the media when it comes to tragedies like this (it has more to do with America's gun rights) but I think a lot of the monsters that commit crimes like this want to be seen as Travis Bickle's.  Maybe that's a stretch, but it's how I feel right now in the wake of the Oregon shooting.

Let's still go through the motions with this one.  Travis Bickle is a lonely veteran in New York City who drives cabs at night.  With this job, he is exposed to all kinds of horror, including seeing child sex workers.  He also tries to woo a campaign volunteer, but freaks her out a bit with his strange personality.  I am pretty sure I have dated him at some point.

Robert De Niro is, of course, absolutely amazing in this film.  Mostly, people want to discuss the ending of the film.  Even if I didn't have a no spoiler rule, that would be the part that I want to skip right now.  I will just go ahead and say that this is extremely well done movie and be done with it.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Robert De Niro would work for fifteen hours a day as a cab driver for a month in preparation of this role.

John Hinckley's attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan was supposedly triggered by this film.

De Niro improvised his character talking to the mirror.


  1. First of all, I'm glad you liked this and understand that it must've been a hard film to accept following the Oregon tragedy.

    Secondly, kudos on reaching the 600 mark!! Congrats!!

    Thirdly, did we just become Facebook friends? I sincerely don't know what you look like, but accepted a friend request from an Amanda who is mutual friends with Ray? If so, awesome!

    1. Thanks Andrew! And we did! That was me!

  2. I guess this is a good film. It certainly holds interest all the way through, and certainly gets the mind revolving at the end. It raises interesting points about media manipulation and celebrity worship .. and yes the seedy and sordid side of society most of us choose to try and remain ignorant of. Which is why films like this are important to exist and watch.
    But did I enjoy it? ... Errr .. I don't think so. An odd answer .. surely I know if I enjoyed it or not? WEll, as I said, it kept me engrossed, and has remained highly memorable .. but I don't think I enjoyed it. It was certainly one of those that made you want to go and have a shower after watching it.

    And hello Andrew..

    1. Definitely. I guess such a good performance is worth watching.

  3. "Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets."

    I watched Taxi Driver for the first time just last week and I definitely agree with Ray. I found it absorbing, but I won't be in a hurry to watch it again.

    1. Okay, agreed. That's an awesome quote.