Friday, April 15, 2016

877. Les Roseaux sauvages

Les Roseaux sauvages
The Wild Reeds
Directed by Andre Techine

Taking a short break from the more widely known films, we come to Wild Reeds.  I wish I could give this a more positive review, as I want to celebrate more obscure movies.  Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this one, which solidifies my theory that the coming of age genre of film is decidedly not for me.

Basically, the film tells the story of four young people who struggle with their identities and growing pains.  Francois is a shy boy who is discovering his own sexuality, Serge is coping with the loss of his brother in the Algerian War, Maite is Francois's best friend who may desire a bit more, and Henri is a supporter of the OAS.

There was a bit of a culture gap here.  I didn't have the background knowledge of the Algerian War, so some of the emotional resonance was lost on me.  Francois was really the only character I cared about, but unfortunately, that interest wasn't enough to save the movie for me.

I take full responsibility for not relating to this one.  Still, I must give my rating...

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Selected as the French entry for Best Foreign Language Film but was ultimately not nominated.

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