Wednesday, April 13, 2016

872. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Directed by Mike Newell

I have previously claimed on this blog that I respect the romantic comedy genre and don't dismiss it as carelessly as other film buffs do.  However, my readers might not believe me, as I completely eviscerated Pretty Woman.  While this film wasn't quite as bad, I still wasn't blown away.

Hugh Grant plays a charming but awkward Englishman who is unlucky in love.  Wow, how many films could that summary cover?  Here his performance is slightly forgivable, as it still could qualify as an original idea in 1994.  Anyway, over the course of five social events, he meets and falls in love with a free spirited American girl.

This movie has its likable moments, but I was ultimately disappointed by it.  I think the problem for me was that characters were all fairly obnoxious, and not in a "neurotic rom com" type of way.  They weren't really quirky; they were selfish and apathetic.  If the Book wanted to include a film where Hugh Grant is a roguish cad, I wish the Listmakers had included Bridget Jones instead.

Like I said, the film did have a certain amount of charm.  I too have dated my fair share of Englishmen so believe me, I understand the appeal.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Hugh Grant reportedly thought the movie was terrible during filming.

Sarah Jessica Parker auditioned for the role of Carrie.


  1. MMmmm ..I think I essentially agree with you.
    I mean, .. yes, at first look .. it's good fun and quirky ..and likeable in places. But later, and on trying to watch it again, you realise it is essentially very thin .. and .. OK, I guess you are right.. they are pretty obnoxious aren't they?

    1. I haven't tried watching this again but I imagine my opinion would lower for each viewing.