Thursday, April 14, 2016

874. The Last Seduction

The Last Seduction
Directed by John Dahl

I had never seen this before, but I heard it mentioned in Sex and the City.  I know, I should stop referencing that show.  Someday, perhaps.

 Bridget Gregory steals her husband's drug money and flees to Beston, a small, racist town in New York.  She changes her name to Wendy Kroy and gets a job at an insurance agency.  She meets Mike, a fairly clueless, recently divorced man who is easily taken in by Bridget's sexuality and mind games.  Meanwhile, her husband is desperately searching for her and the money she stole.

We have seen this type of movie before; a steaming seductress gets an idiotic everyman to commit a crime and take the fall.  The last scene usually involves her smoking a cigarette and looking for her next victim like an overgrown praying mantis.  While parts of this movie were cliche, the filmmakers actually came up with some twists that I was not expecting.

Linda Fiorentino is absolutely sizzling in this; I would probably do whatever she asked as well.  She was even more compelling than Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, which is why I enjoyed this film a lot more.  I wish I could see her in more things.  Apparently she was in Men In Black.  No thank you, please.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Linda Fiorentino was denied an Academy Award nomination since the movie originally aired on television.


  1. A neo-Noir has to be pretty damn good to get me over the feeling I'd rather be watching a real Noir, but this one won out for me.

  2. Oh yes ... but I'd not like that comment to be seen as trashing body heat. Body heat was .. sort of quite good .. this was very good.