Friday, April 1, 2016

853. The Crying Game

The Crying Game
Directed by Neil Jordan

If this film is still unspoiled for you, I suggest watching it as soon as possible.  I never ruin endings, but not everyone is as pious as me.  If only.

A unit of IRA members kidnap Jody, a British soldier, by luring him to a secluded area with the promise of sex. The IRA plans to execute Jody in three days if certain members aren't released from jail. Fergus, one of the kidnappers, develops a bond with Jody.  Jody makes Fergus promise to find his girlfriend Dil in London if anything happens to him.  Um...hilarity ensues.  Sorry, when you are as saintly as I am, the plot summaries don't wrap up very nicely.

This film seems oddly disjointed.  The first half (which feels like a character study) and the second half (which feels like a political thriller) seem like completely different movies.  Both parts are quite enjoyable, but the film lacks cohesion.  I did love the romance, as I had resigned myself to a cliche love story, when it took an unexpected and exciting turn.

It is also interesting for me to see an Irish film, especially after visiting Ireland in the fall.  I would love to watch more movies about the IRA; this and Odd Man Out were both fascinating.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Stanley Kubrick persuaded Neil Jordan to change the title of the film from "The Soldier's Wife" as he believed movies with religious or military titles generally turn people off.


  1. An interesting movie with an unexpected twist...didn't love it but thought it was interesting. I am still amazed that no one had spoiled it for me before i saw it!

  2. This is a movie with an emotional punch. Twist or not it is a very human movie and not one to let go easily. I get the point of being disjointed though. There are quite a few themes here.

  3. That is amazing, Diana. I agree TSorensen, it still would have been interesting sans twist.